Interventions/ Counseling

Substance use impacts the entire family system.

Intervention for a loved one can be one of the toughest decisions to make. It also has the potential to be one of the most loving, and courageous acts of service that you can provide for a loved one. As a loved one of a person struggling with substance use, you have the ability to make a tremendous impact on the course of their life in this process.

Many families have a tough time knowing if an intervention is appropriate for their loved one. Every family that I work with is unique, and has its own culture, beliefs, personalities and knowledge of the recovery process.

The only thing as difficult as dealing with substance abuse is having to watch a loved one go through it. Often, even though it may seem so clear on the outside, it could be difficult for them to come to the reality of it all. They may be in denial concerning their addiction. This can be difficult because one of the first steps in seeking help is acknowledging that there is a problem.

You may be experiencing all kinds of fear and heartache. While the need to act quickly may be necessary, it is also important to take a breath and evaluate the best course of action. The worst thing to do is allow oneself to react in a way that is more destructive than the addiction itself. That being said, the best course of action is to approach your loved one with grace and understanding; they may not recognize that there is even a problem.

Regardless of how difficult all of this may be, the reality is that there is somebody struggling and they need help as soon as possible. Not only that, but your family may be suffering as well, and it is just as imperative that you all receive help. Your help may come when you get your loved one the assistance they require.

The effects if substance abuse on an individual can be immensely detrimental; as mentioned before, this could not only harm them but your whole family as well. Yet the question remains as to whether or not there is anything you or the family can do about it before taking further, more drastic action. Thankfully there is a way.

If your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, it may be time to stage an intervention. This is a good way to let them know that you understand, care, and only want them to be open to receiving the help they need.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a planned, strategic conversation between someone struggling with substance abuse and their loved ones. It can help one understand how their addiction is affecting those that love and care for them most. Sometimes it seems as though there is nothing anybody can say to change anybody’s mind, but changing their perspective is not the ultimate goal; rather, it is bringing the problem to their attention.

Regardless of how things may seem, nobody chooses to struggle with addiction. Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such  — with gentle and loving care. The truth is a series of ill-informed or careless choices have led to this circumstance. The right choices must be made moving forward so that they can pursue a life of sobriety and stability.

Acted upon by family, friends, and an experienced professional, an intervention could be the correct course of action in pursuing assistance for a loved one wrestling with substance abuse. Interventions are not a task met with ease. Often, interventions are somewhat difficult to complete due to the emotional weight they throw onto those involved; it is, however, the best way to start the process of finding help.

It is crucial that the setting of the intervention be comfortable for everyone involved. Believe it or not, this goes a long way in contributing to a feeling that a loved one is heard and understood. After all, the goal of all of this is to ultimately help them see how much others close to them care.

All in all, interventions are used in efforts to bring a substance abuse problem to one’s attention. Loved ones and skilled professionals seek to communicate the negative effects that their addiction is having on them and those surrounding them. The ultimate goal is to help persuade them to seek out professional help.

How Do i know if an
intervention is Necessary

An intervention may be necessary is your loved one:

Displays secretive behavior

Experiences drastic weight loss

Becomes moody

Has a lack of motivation or energy

Becomes depressed or anxious 

Is experiencing monetary issues that raise suspicion

Expresses unwarranted aggression

Has become a danger to themselves and others

When a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it is difficult to discern as to when an intervention is necessary. That’s why it is important to look out for these symptoms. Sometimes, people may refuse to acknowledge the reality of the situation, and that is why they must understand why you and many others are concerned about their well-being.

What To Do Next

If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it may be time to schedule an intervention. Thankfully, a professional interventionist can guide you in the right direction. Seeking assistance is never anything to be ashamed of. It may just save the life of someone you care for.

At American River Wellness, we know how difficult it is to face the reality of addiction, and that’s precisely why we are here to help. When intervening, it is important that those who struggle with substance abuse feel as though they are understood and met with grace; the last thing they need is to feel attacked.

It is out mission to prepare those who feel as though intervention is necessary, equipping them with the right tools to get the job done. We are committed to helping your loved one realize how their addiction has impacted not only themselves but those around them that care for them.

Drug addiction can truly ruin people’s lives. Sadly, not only does it affect them, but it also impacts their friends and family. It has the power to tear apart well-founded relationships and enable discord among loved ones. This is something that we are committed to preventing, and/or mending. At American River Wellness, we believe in coming alongside those who struggle with addiction, as well as their families and loved ones. We aim to nurture, encourage, and guide them into a life of recovery and stability. Treating each patient is a complex process due to their unique, individual needs; there is no one-size-fits-all recovery process. Each person who struggles with addiction is different, therefore their treatment should complement their needs. 

The goal is to lead those struggling with addiction to a place of stability. We do this by assessing the needs of the individual so that we may lay a strong foundation for the work to come, so that someday they may pursue a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the intervention process, treatment participants will be treated compassionately with a nurturing spirit so that they may have peace of mind on their journey to recovery. 

We are committed to assisting our clients in long-term recovery so that what they’ve learned and practiced in treatment can continue with them for the rest of their lives. We do this by providing ongoing case management and aftercare sessions for both the person needing treatment and members of their family. If you are interested in scheduling an intervention, you can contact us here, or call us at (833)436-8727

Individual Counseling

Counseling has been shown to have benefits for individuals who undertake it. Working with a counselor often leads to a significant reduction in feelings of distress, increased satisfaction in interpersonal relationships, greater personal awareness and insight, increased skills for managing stress and resolutions to specific problems.

Connection is key to a successful counseling relationship. Addiction disconnects people from their families, friends, goals and lives. One of my goals will be to encourage and support you in reconnecting with the people and activities in life that truly bring you joy.

I stay away from giving advice. We will collaborate to explore techniques that will help you. I want to see you discover your inner power and empower you to look at what is, and is not working for you. Let’s develop the recovery plan that makes the most sense, and get you moving forward.

Call (833)436-8727 to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments may be available. Evenings and weekends included.