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American River Wellness specializes in the return to duty process. Our goal is to demystify the process while educating employees and employers how to return to safety sensitive duty. Our commitment to public safety is top priority. A testing violation does not mean the end of your career. Let us provide you the best support to your safe and timely return to the driver’s seat.

We have Spanish and Punjabi speaking translators available to assist if needed. We understand the importance of culturally appropriate assessment, education, and counseling. Call today for more information.

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As a SAP you represent the major decision point (and in some cases the only decision point) an employer may have in choosing whether or not to place an employee behind the steering wheel of a school bus, in the cockpit of a plane, at the helm of an oil tanker, at the throttle of a train, in the engineer compartment of a subway car, or at the emergency control valves of a natural gas pipeline. Your responsibility to the public is enormous!

As a SAP you are an advocate for neither the employer nor the employee. Your function is to protect the public interest in safety by professionally evaluating the employee and recommending appropriate education and/or treatment, follow-up tests, and aftercare.

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