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Estimating the Length of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Professional Program

If you are a trucker or transportation worker and have experienced a DOT drug and alcohol testing violation, we understand your frustration. You are likely eager to get back on the road. Many professional CDL drivers’ income relies on their ability to drive. But the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Substance Abuse Professional Program is a formal process. It needs to be completed in a, step-by-step manner for drivers to get

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Trucking School & THC

What you need to know if you plan to begin trucking school, and you have consumed any cannabis recently: Many states now allow both recreational and medicinal consumption of cannabis for adults. This creates a lot of confusion for individuals that are, or will be subject to DOT drug testing. DOT cutoff levels for THC are 15ng (nanograms per milliliter). This is an exceptionally low level and there are not

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Learn About the DOT SAP Program

If you hope to return to duty following a DOT drug and alcohol violation, you have a set process. You will need to follow a strict program. It is called the DOT’s Substance Abuse Professional program. After all, an SAP violation stays on your official record for five years after the violation. But what is the SAP program and how can you make sure you’re following it correctly? We will

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