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For professional CDL drivers, strict adherence to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration substance restrictions is essential. However, if a truck driver is found in substance abuse violation, the next step is clear. The SAP program for truck drivers kicks in automatically. 

The SAP for truck drivers is a requirement for any professional driver hoping to get back on the road. Drivers will be comforted to learn the program steps are clear. However, they may be disappointed to learn that it is not an overnight process. 

But what is the SAP program for CDL drivers? With this helpful article, we hope to shine a light on this official process. 

How Long is the SAP Program for Truck Drivers? 

There is no single set length for the SAP program for truck drivers. Different factors may affect the length of time it takes to complete. All of these factors are evaluated and decided upon by the driver’s company’s SAP. 

What is the SAP for Truck Drivers? 

The SAP is your company’s Substance Abuse Professional. They help facilitate all of the disclosure and testing that occurs after a violation. They also oversee your return to duty process

Think of them as a resource to ensure your company’s fleet stays safe while on the road. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete a SAP Program? 

An SAP may submit recommendations for a thorough, extra-cautious testing program. Or, if the violation was less troubling, they may provide a simpler recommendation to follow. 

However, there are critical steps a commercial driver must pass to move on to the next step, per the DOT. This includes mandatory follow-up return-to-duty testing with a negative result. 

Per the DOT’s 49 CFR, part 40, drug and alcohol testing is a strict requirement. If a failed test occurs, the process is delayed further. Drugs that may lead to a failed test include: 

Further, a failure to test may lead to delays as well. This includes: 

When a driver successfully completes each testing step with a negative test, they’re off to a great start. You can expect a more expedient SAP program for truck drivers with each clear. On average, the SAP for truck drivers can take between one and five years to complete. 

Get Help with Your SAP Program for Truck Drivers 

American River Wellness is here to help your SAP program go more smoothly. Our database and resources can help answer questions, guide your next steps, and more. Call us today to learn about our SAP program for truck drivers